Mabe Steinfell

Two-Handed Swordmen


Strength: 15 +1/5%
Intelligence: 11
Wisdom: 13
Constitution: 7
Dexterity: 14
Charisma: 14

Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Level/Current XP: 3/6,715 (next level, 8,000)
XP Bonus: 10%
Alignment: Lawful
Saving Throw: 12 (+2 vs. death and poison)
Hit Points: 15 (0 wounds)
BHB: +2
Armor Class: 15 (16 w/ shield)
Move: 12

Platinum 0 (363, Banked @ Trollbone Keep)
Gold 88 (200, Banked @ Trollbone Keep)
Silver 12
Copper 66
Assorted minor Jewelry (400gp) 10lbs (Banked @ Trollbone Keep)

Equipment: (40lbs)
Mabe’s Chainmail + 1 (5 AC)
Shield (1 AC) (10lbs)
Elessar’s Two-handed sword + 1
Warhammer (10lbs)
Backpack (10lbs)
Torches x 11
50ft silk rope
spikes x9
sacks(30lbs) x1
grappling hook
flint and steel
Trail rations 5 days
Dried rations 7 days

Potion of Healing
ESP potion
2 vials of holy water (on Mabe’s person)
Ivory dice (on Mabe’s person) 20gp
Ona’s Scroll
Onyx with Gold R (magic)


Mabe Steinfell hoped his whole life to be part of the Wodfeld Town watchman. His father is a watchmen, his brothers are watchmen, and he trained to be a watchman.

Mabe also has terrible allergies and every spring on recruitment day Mabe seemed to get the worse allergic attacks and was rejected by the Watchmen recruiters for 3 years in a row.

defeated and dishonored Mabe has set his eyes elsewhere to earn his fortune and reclaim his honor!

Mabe Steinfell

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