Martin Flaks



Strength: 8
Intelligence: 15 +1/5%
Wisdom: 11
Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 12
Charisma: 8

Race: Human
Class: Magic-User
Level/Current XP: 2/3,613 (next level, 5,000)
XP Bonus: 10%
Alignment: neutral
Saving Throw: 14 (+2 vs. Spell)
Hit Points: 4 (0 wounds)
BHB: 0
Armor Class: 0
Move: 12

Charm Person x
Detect Magic
Read Magic
Sleep x
Shield (x)

Platinum 250
Gold 211
Silver 4
Copper 9
Gem worth 225gp
Ruby 100 gp

Equipment: (25lbs)
Bone Talisman
Staff (10lbs)
Dagger +1(5lbs)
backpack (10lbs)
Trail rations 3 days
Dried rations 7 days
Oil pints X 6
flint and steel
paper and ink
50ft silk rope
2 large sacks
scroll of Invisibility, Dispel Magic
Book of Random Spelfiture (Will allow Martin to memorize Shield)
Treasure Map

Martin’s Spellbook (Charm Person, Detect Magic, Read Magic, Sleep)

Charm Person
Range: 120 ft
Duration: Until dispelled
School: Enchantment
This spell affects living bipeds of human size or smaller, such as goblins or dryads. If the spell
succeeds (saving throw allowed), the unfortunate creature falls under the caster’s influence.

Detect Magic
Range: 60 ft
Duration: 20 minutes
School: Divination
The caster can perceive, in places, people, or things, the presence of a magical spell or
enchantment. As examples: magical items may be discovered in this fashion, as can the
presence of a charm secretly laid upon a person.

Read Magic
Range: Caster only
Duration: 2 scrolls or other magical writings
School: Divination
This spell allows the caster to read the magical writings upon scrolls and (occasionally)
dungeon walls. Without the use of this spell, magical writing cannot be read even by a Magicuser.

Range: Caster
Duration: 2 turns
School: Abjuration
The caster conjures up an invisible shield that interposes itself in front of attacks. The shield
improves the caster’s armor class to 2 17 against missile attacks and to 4 15 against other
(melee) attacks. If the caster’s armor class is already better than the spell would grant, the spell
has no effect.

Range: 240 ft
Duration: 1 hour
School: Enchantment
This spell puts enemies into an enchanted slumber (no saving throw is permitted). It affects
creatures based on their hit dice.


Martin Flaks is a trained and skilled Engineer and he loves to tell people as much.
He has contributed to the design of Wardrum Harbor dredge apparatus during his studies at the Wardrum Academy.

Martin has always succeeds in studies and in learned-ed things, but his people skills always seemed lacking. He often found himself rubbing people the wrong way and eventually realized his place was elsewhere other then the Academy halls, he travel west in search of employment hopeful for less competition.

Martin Flaks

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