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  • Sylo Area 4

    *SHOPS AND ELEVATOR* This section of [[Sylo]] is where its workshops are located along with a small general store. A sturdy elevator, easily operated by one person, is also available for moving large and/or heavy loads from a platform to the forest floor …

  • Sylo Area 3

    *AUDIENCE AND MEETING HALLS* The section of [[Sylo]] is where [[Yysod]] holds important meetings and sacred feasts. The village priestess [[Rhivella]] can often be found here venerating one of the two small shrines, one consecrated to the [[Good Earth]] …

  • Sylo Area 2

    *INN AND GUESTROOMS* In spite of its seemingly isolated location, [[Sylo]] receives surprisingly numerous and diverse visitors. Most of these visitors will be found in this section of the village at any given time, either resting in one of the …

  • Sylo Area 1

    *VILLA* This section of [[Sylo]] is where [[Yysod]] lives with his household. In all but the rarest exceptions, it is considered off limits to outsiders.