Alignment in the Kingdoms of Ig

The struggle between Law vs. Chaos (which could be paraphrased as “order vs. entropy”) is a metaphysical conflict conducted on the largest possible scale. The persistence of the universe depends on the balance between the two forces, and alignment describes one’s allegiance in the context of that conflict. Even the gods themselves are subject to its parameters. Alignment is not a mere description of personality (although it has obvious implications for personality). Neither is it typically relevant to the day-to-day aspirations of mere mortals. In fact, situations in which behavior can actually be compelled by alignment are relatively rare.

Although individual outliers are not uncommon, the races of Ig each conform as a whole to one of the three alignment positions. Those races available as player characters are aligned as follows:

The Dwarf race is Lawful
The Halfling race is Chaotic
The Elf, Gnome and Human races are Neutral

Note as well that a Cleric will always conform to the alignment of his or her patron deity.

The “Good vs. Evil” conflict is a related, but separate dichotomy and is not strictly considered to be a matter of alignment. For game purposes, Goodness is the tendency within Law towards kindness, compassion and happiness, while Evil represents the Chaotic tendency towards cruelty, contempt and misery. However, it is important to clarify that the Law/Chaos conflict transcends that of Good/Evil and is not defined by it. A character can be aligned with Chaos and not be characteristically evil, and it is worth pointing out that Dwarves, while Lawful and strongly inclined towards order (particularly as expressed through loyalty), are not characteristically kind or compassionate.

To clarify further, communities and individuals may go so far as to worship a Chaotic or Lawful deity and still be characteristically Neutral. An entire village of Neutrals might worship a Chaotic power in order appease it or worship a Lawful power in order to gain its protection. For example, Syreel is both Lawful and the spiritual leader of the village of Wodfeld, but the vast majority of the villagers are Neutral.

Alignment in the Kingdoms of Ig

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