Clerics are armored priests who serve a particular alignment, religion, or patron deity. The Cleric is a champion of his faith and/or moral alignment. The character might be a sinister witch-hunter, an exorcist of demons, a shining knight of the faith, or a secret agent of some temple hierarchy. Since many of the Cleric’s abilities are oriented toward healing and protecting, they tend to play a support role during combat. However, they are able to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the party’s Fighters if need be—at least for a while.

Possible Races: Human

Prime Attribute: Wisdom



Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Because Clerics are forbidden the shedding of blood, they may only use blunt weapons (club, flail, mace, etc.) and the only missile weapon they are allowed is oil. Clerics have no armor restrictions.

Spell Casting: Clerics cast Cleric Spells, as per the Cleric Advancement table. Each day, the Cleric prays for a certain set of spells, choosing any spells from the standard list. Clerics of specific gods might have entirely different sets of spells as designed by the Referee, but the standard Cleric uses the standard spell list.


Saving Throw: Clerics receive a +2 bonus on saving throws vs. poison and paralysis.

Banishing Undead: Clerics have the ability to “turn” the undead, causing them to flee or destroying them outright. Clerics may attempt to affect a number of creatures (of a single type) each round equal to their experience level. When an attempt is made, roll 3d6 and consult the Turning Undead table (see below) for the result. If the result on the dice is equal to or greater than the number shown on the table, undead creatures of the targeted type are turned and will flee for 3d6 rounds (or cower helplessly if they are unable to flee). A “D” result affects all creatures of that type present. For Lawfully aligned Clerics, a “D” result further indicates that the undead creatures are destroyed and will crumble to dust instantly.


Establish Temple: At tenth level, a Cleric who chooses to build and dedicate a temple to a deity may attract a body of loyal followers who swear fealty to the character. If the Cleric changes alignment after establishing a Temple, the character will lose any followers (and probably face a mutiny).


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