Most Elves are associated with magic as well as being skilled with the sword and bow.

Possible Classes: An Elf character may be an Elf Adventurer (8th level maximum) or a Bard (8th level maximum).


Hereditary Foes: Elves gain an extra +1 (“to-hit” or to damage) when fighting goblins, orcs, intelligent undead, and lycanthropes. Elves are also immune to paralysis caused by undead such as ghouls.

Keen Detection: Elves are good at spotting hidden and concealed doors (1-4 on a d6 when searching, 1-2 on a d6 if just passing by).

Languages: Fae is their native tongue, but Elf characters may also begin play with knowledge of Common, Chrrp and/or Snout.


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