Elf Adventurer

The Elf Adventurer class is a blend of Fighter and Magic-User.

Possible Races: Elf (8th level maximum)

Prime Requisite: Intelligence

Elf scout by peachyco d3jhjqi


BASE HIT BONUSES (as a Fighter)

Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Elf Adventurers have the advantage of both magic and all the armor and weapons available to a Fighter. They may not use two-handed weapons (two-handed sword, polearms, etc.) or shields, however, while casting spells.

Spell Casting: Elves must use a spell book to prepare spells, just as a Magic-User (and select from the same list of Magic-User Spells). Spells disappear from his casting capability once they are cast, until prepared again.

Elf Adventurer

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