The Fighter is a warrior, trained in battle and in the use of armor and weapons. Your character might be a ferocious Viking raider, a roaming samurai, or a medieval knight. Because they are the best equipped of all the character classes to dish out and absorb damage, Fighters often end up on the front lines, going toe-to-toe with dragons, goblins, and evil cultists. If you are the party’s Fighter, the down-and-dirty work is up to you.

Possible Races: Human, Dwarf (6th level maximum), Halfling(4th level maximum), Half-Orc (5th level maximum)

Prime Attribute: Strength




Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Fighters are trained in warfare and, as such, have no restrictions on the kind of weapons or armor they can use.

Combat Machine: Against foes of one hit dice (HD) or fewer, Fighters get one attack per level each combat round.

Saving Throw: Fighters receive a +2 bonus on saving throws vs. death and poison.

Establish Stronghold: At ninth level, a Fighter who chooses to build a castle is considered to have reached the rank of “Baron” or “Baroness,” bestowed by the local ruler or monarch. The character may choose to attract a body of men-at-arms, who will swear their fealty as loyal followers.


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