The Magic-user is a mysterious figure, a student of arcane powers and spell casting. They can be devastating opponents. However, at lower levels, they are quite vulnerable and must be protected by the other party members. As Magic-Users progress, they generally become the most powerful of the character classes—holding sway over the political destinies of great kingdoms and able to create wondrous magical artifacts.

Possible Races: Human

Prime Attribute: Intelligence




Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Magic-users tend to spend their waking hours in study of arcane tomes and scrolls. As such, they have little time to train with weapons or learn how to properly engage in physical combat. Magic-users may only wield daggers or staves, and are not allowed the use of armor.

Spell Casting: Unlike the Cleric, the Magic-User owns a book of spells—which does not necessarily include all of the spells on the standard list of Magic-User Spells. Reading from this book, the Magic-user presses a select spell formula into his mind, effectively “preparing” it to be cast. Once a prepared spell is cast, the spell formulae disappears from the Magic-user’s mind, and must be prepared again before another attempt can be made to cast it. However, it is possible to prepare a spell multiple times using the available “slots” in the Magic-user’s memory. If the Magic-User finds spell scrolls during an adventure, he can copy them into his spell book.

Saving Throw: Magic-users receive a +2 bonus on saving throws vs. spells—including those cast from wands and staves.

Languages: A Magic-User character may begin play with knowledge of the Eldritch language.


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