The Paladin is a subclass of the Fighter. Paragons of virtue, these knightly warriors are a bane to all things evil and unholy. Paladins are also bound to a moral requirement. If using the Law-Neutrality-Chaos alignment suggestion, Paladins must be flawlessly Lawful. Should a Paladin perform any Chaotic act, his status of Paladin will be immediately revoked and may never be regained. The Paladin will thus lose all special abilities gained from the Paladin class and will continue as a normal Fighters. Referees who do not use an alignment system will have to carefully gauge the Paladin’s actions to insure he or she does not act contrary to the high morals required to belong to the class. Such strict adherence to lawful tenants makes traveling or adventuring with chaotic party members nearly impossible for the Paladin.

Possible Races: Human

Prime Attribute: Strength (a minimum score of Charisma 17 is required)



Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Paladin’s may use any weapons, and may wear any armor.

Lay on Hands: The Paladin may cure 2 hp for every level he has attained. A 4th level Paladin could thus restore 8 hp. This special ability can also be used to cure 1 disease per 5 levels. Each function of Lay on Hands may only be performed 1/day, and only on others.

Immunity: Paladins are immune to disease. They also gain a +2 bonus to saving throws versus all non-melee (or missile) attacks.

Paladin’s Mount: At any time the paladin chooses, he may gain a wondrous steed. The paladin may not gain another such steed until 10 years have passed since the previous steed was gained. A paladin’s horse has the following stats:

Paladin’s Mount: HD 4; AC 14; Atk hooves (1d6); Save 15; Move 18; CL/XP 5/240; Special: High intelligence, Trained for combat.

Dispel Evil & Detect Evil (9th Level): At 9th level the Paladin gains the innate abilities to Detect Evil and Dispel Evil, as per the spells of the same name.

Holy Sword: If a Paladin comes to possess a Holy Sword, wielding the divine weapon will make the Paladin immune to spells.

Limited Wealth: Paladins are limited to 4 magic items (not including armor and shield and up to 4 weapons). They may keep enough wealth to maintain themselves (and, at higher levels, their men and a modest castle or keep). Any excess wealth is donated to charitable or religious institutions.


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