The Thief is a specialized class adept at subterfuge and pilfering. With skills born from a lifetime of stealing, Thieves are morally Neutral at best if using the Law-Neutrality-Chaos alignment suggestion. The Thief’s penchant for larceny tends to make other party members weary of including such a class into the group. The Thief’s low hit points makes overt martial participation less favorable for this class which prefers to rely on subterfuge and judicious use of backstabing to prevail in combat.

Possible Races: Human, Halfling (8th level maximum)

Prime Attribute: Dexterity

Ph thief attack


Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Thieves may use any weapons, including magic swords and daggers, and may wear leather armor.

Thief Abilities: Starting at first level Thieves possess a host of very specific abilities. These abilities include proficiency at opening locks and disarming traps, picking pockets, moving without a sound, and using shadows to conceal themselves. They also possess a greater facility for detecting sounds and noises from beyond closed doors. To successfully use these abilities the player must generate a number (on a d20) which falls within the range displayed on the following table:


Backstab: A Thief attacking from behind gains a +4 bonus to hit and inflicts double damage. At levels 5-8 the damage is increased to x3, and at level 9 or greater the increase is x4.

Climb Sheer Surfaces: Thieves may climb incredibly sheer surfaces. As hardy adventurers, anyone may attempt to climb vertical surfaces but only the Thief may ascend impossibly difficult surfaces or attempt unthinkable climbs. The Thief starts out with a chance of 1-17 on d20 to climb sheer surfaces. This chance increases by +1 for every 5 levels.

Read Languages (3rd): At 3rd level a Thief may read most languages (1-16 on d20).

Use Scrolls (10th): Upon reaching 10th level Thieves are able to use arcane scrolls. Spells above 6th level carry a 2 in 20 chance (1-2 on d20) of being miscast resulting in the scroll’s reverse effect affecting the Thief as opposed to the intended target.

Saving Throw: Thieves gain a +2 bonus on saving throws vs. death and poison.


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