The Tunnel-Fighter is a Dwarven Fighter who specializes in combat within the tight confines of the tunnels, caverns, and dungeons which litter the bowels of the earth. This focus on combat within the restrictive environment of tunnels, low ceilings, tight hallways, winding passages, and stalagmite/stalactite ridden caverns, limits the Tunnel-Fighter’s allowable weapons and armor. The Tunnel-Fighter may only use short or medium weapons which do not require much space to use.

Possible Races: Dwarf (6th level maximum)

Prime Attribute: Strength (a minimum score of Dexterity 13 is required)



Weapon and Armor Restrictions: Tunnel-Fighters may use hand axes, clubs, daggers, maces (light), spears, short swords, crossbows (light and heavy), darts, and slings. They may wear any armor except plate. No shield but may use buckler.


Maneuverability: A Tunnel-Fighter’s Move is never affected by natural situational modifiers when in tunnels, caves, and caverns. In addition, the Dwarven Tunnel-Fighter’s Move score is increased by +1 at third level, with an additional +1 granted at sixth level. Thus, a 3rd level Tunnel-Fighter will have an unencumbered Move of 10. At 6th level, the Tunnel-Fighter’s Move will become 11.

Tracking: Tunnel-Fighters may track creatures within their favored environment in a manner similar to the indoor tracking ability of a Ranger. In order to track a prey indoors, the Tunnel-Fighter must have observed the prey no more than 6 turns previously. The chance of successfully tracking the prey (on a d20) depends on the action the monster takes:


Alertness: When within their favored environment (tunnels, caverns, and such), Tunnel-Fighters reduce their chance of being surprised by half. Example; if the Referee declares the chance of being surprised by a particular ambush is 50%, the Tunnel-Fighter’s chance of being surprised is decreased to 25%.

Defense: When in their favored environment, Tunnel-Fighters may use the surrounding terrain features to increase their defense. Such features include stalactites, stalagmites, tunnel corners, low rises, pillars, support beams, jutting stone formations, and recesses in walls, passages, or tunnels. The Referee has the final say as to when enough favorable features are present in a given location to merit the AC bonus. By putting such features to use, the Tunnel-Fighter gains a +1 bonus to his AC. This bonus increases to +2 at 3rd level, and to +3 once the Tunnel-Fighter reaches 6th level.


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