Hit Points and Death

Starting Hit Points: New characters have a minimum number of hit points equal to half their maximum potential hit points (based on Hit Dice and Constitution bonuses). A randomly determined result that is less than half is adjusted to equal half.

Leveling Up: Hit points are rerolled each time a player character advances in level. If the new result is equal to or less than the previous total, the character adds 1 hit point instead.

Character Death: Characters are knocked unconscious when reduced to zero hit points. Characters who are reduced to negative HP totals are “bleeding out” and will continue to lose 1 HP at the end of each subsequent round unless stabilized by another character (typically involving an Intelligence test). Death occurs upon reaching a negative hit point total determined by the following forumula: Constitution/3 + level of experience (round down).

Example: A first level character with a Constitution of 14 will die if reduced to -5 hit points.

Hit Points and Death

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